THE DOWNTOWN BEAUTIFICATION ORGANIZATION OF CENTER MORICHES was established as an independent affiliate of the Chamber of Commerce of the Moriches. We are a non-profit group comprised of dedicated volunteers. We raise all our own funds for our beautification projects.

The mission of this organization is the continued enhancement of Downtown Main St. and our local community area projects.

Please join us in making our town a better place to work, live and raise our families. We need your support. All funds go directly toward our various projects. It is essential for our continued success.


  • Continue our Main St. Spring and Winter Flower Baskets Lamp post project.  
  • Continue to maintain and improve the common area surrounding our C.M. Welcome sign.
  • Promote projects that will improve our Main St and neighborhood vicinity.
  • To encourage our young people to respect their town by promoting their interest and involvement; which will insure a continued bright future for our community.
  • Establish a genuine dialog with other area civic organizations to collaborate on collective ventures.
  • All reasonable ideas, suggestions, and concerns are welcomed and will be addressed and reviewed.

Membership Dues: $25.  

All donations of any amount are appreciated. Donations can be made payable to the Downtown Beautification Organization of Center Moriches.

Our address: Downtown Beautification Organization of Center Moriches, 369 Main Street Center Moriches, New York 11934.

If you cannot contribute at this time, and/or you want to volunteer, we need assistance in the following areas:

  • Watering---Baskets Schedule
  • Watering---Welcome Sign Schedule
  • Planting--- Welcome Sign
  • Weeding Maintenance
  • Fundraising Event Chairperson
  • Fundraising Event Committee Member
  • Grant Research or Writer
  • Professional Services

Questions? Feel free to call 631-874-3849.

Thank you.